What is distance ?

Yesterday my mother reminded me of a moving story about a painter, whom we both had the fortune to meet, before she passed away last year. She was a very amazing woman with a lot of mental powers and a mission to protect trees. It's no wonder that her motifs were often dominated by plants in general and trees in particular.

One time she was on a vacation with her son, when he was still little. He liked the place so much that he begged her to stay for another week. She wanted to fulfill this wish, but she didn't have anyone to water the plants at home. So she told him that they could stay under the condition, that he would sit down with her every day and envision how they would water the plants at home. The boy agreed.

When they came home all the plants had survived, except for one. They had both forgotten to include that very pot of flowers.

This is a sound proof that thought is a powerful agent, which can conquer any distance. I want to seize this opportunity to thank all the people, who send loving and healing thoughts to my mom and my dad. I am sure the universe will be able to deliver the message even to those who are not following this blog.

Thank you! All your help is highly appreciated.




A wish granted

Right before my last trip to Merryland I had the out of the blue desire to buy a fish eye lens. I had toyed with the idea for a long time, but since you can only achieve one effect with this fixed focal length lens, I had abandoned the whole thought.

Until one week before my trip. Like a lightning bolt I had the brainwave, there was no doubt, no reasoning, just the very pure desire to get it. No sooner said than done, and like I hoped: the delivery date was two days prior to my departure.

On the appointed day I watched the inbox of my office like a sniffer dog. No such luck. No lens. Okay, sometimes it takes a day longer, I thought. There was still another day. I sent rockets of desire asking for the lens to be delivered. The next morning, nothing again. I checked online to see, that the lens had in fact be delivered and accepted by a guy who doesn't work at my company at all. Obviously there had been a mistake. I called the online store and learned that they would have to file a complaint at the carrier service. This would take about a WEEEEEEEEK to be answered. They advised me against calling them myself, as I was only the addressee, so they would simply refer me back to the online store. Ugh.

I sensed that I had been a bit inaccurate with my wish. I should have wished to take the lens with me. I should have imagined the fun using it, rather than thinking about the logistics and how it could possibly get to me in time. It's not my job to take care of the how, it's my job to take care of the why. It dawned on me that there was a lesson to be learned.

I called the carrier anyway. I thought that the universe could manage everything in my favor, but I needed to open any door possible myself. Maybe the universe was just waiting for me to look there, like on an Easter eggs hunt. The carrier service person was very nice, but he explained that they would have to file a search request in their computer system. That was all he could do, unless I needed the item for professional use, which I, of course, confirmed. After all, he didn't ask what profession, right? ;-))) He said that this could speed up things immensely. He also listed my cell phone number and told me that I would be called during the afternoon.

Afterwards I took my chances and went to the neighbor companies. Maybe someone had accepted the package, not noticing that it was delivered to the wrong address. Everthing within my power had been done. More rockets of desire had been sent to the universe, with a corrected wish of course.

When I got home to pack I saw a van of the carrier service in front of my house. What a tingling sensation. But they only delivered something next door. I still had high hopes that somehow my lens could be found. I didn't know how, but whenever logic tried to kick in, explaining that it couldn't be found in only a few hours, I forced it back, focusing on my wish and imagining how much fun it would be, to take pictures with the fish eye.

Then my cell phone rang. The parcel had been found and was close by at a carrier's package station. They offered to bring it to my house, since I wasn't in the office anymore. Within two more hours I held the fish eye lens in my hands.

I think I will make it a point to exercise more accurate wishing in the future. It's all about the why and not the how. ;-))

Can a wish be denied?

Last weekend I had an epiphany at the grocery store - of all places ;-))). I was standing in line at the cash register with a whole bunch of items already on the belt, when I saw a man with a single quart of milk lining up behind me. I asked him, if he wanted to pay first. Although it really doesn't make a difference, but I myself find it more annoying to wait in line, when I have only one or two items than when there is a lot to check out. Illogical, but true.

Anyway, this gentleman obviously shared my sentiments and gladly went in front of me. Almost instantly a woman appeared behind me in the line, who carried three items. While the gentleman had been waiting patiently, she actually asked me, if I could let her pay first. I denied, telling her that I had already let the other gentleman move up the line, and I really wanted to finish my grocery shopping at that point.

She moved to another line, and I saw that this was a very quick one. She had paid all her things, before the gentlemen in front of me was even able to put his milk on the belt. To my surprise I felt relief. Isn't it wonderful that the universe takes care of everything? We don't have to sacrifice our own needs in order to support others. Their wishes will be granted, if they are in alignment with them, no matter what. Instead of hustling all the time to keep everyone happy, I just need to stay in tune with what's best for me - and not only causing no damage to others, but rather acting towards their benefit. Quite amazing, isn't it?

Another reminder that it's better to be still for a moment and listen to my inner voice. And maybe sometimes, when I am under the impression, that my wishes are denied, the universe is only pushing me towards a better route.


Seeking Beauty

Sometimes when I am in a so-so or even a bad mood I would grab my camera and go on a picture hunt. Provided I have the time, of course. Usually I come back with at least one or two keepers, and also with more peace and quiet in my heart.

One day it dawned on my why that is. Our world is such a rich buffet of variety, and whenever I fail to see it's beauty, what would be more logical than to venture out with the deliberate intent to find it? The world has never disappointed me, even on a rainy day. (Thanks to the universe I now have a camera that won't have a nervous breakdown at the sight of a few drops.)

So is it my shifted attitude or the reward in pictures that restores the peace? Probably both since the pictures help me to focus on the magic and to block out everything unwanted. ;-)))


A world teeming with coincidences

The Knittee brought a cuddly bee. It's soft and sweet and I simply love it. I can't help it, but I do have a soft spot for soft toys. Funnily enough, since that happened I seem to be surrounded by bees. They gather on all the flowers I want to shoot, which I think is very cute. Law Of Attraction at it's best.

If you start looking for evidence it's really not that hard to see. Wherever you go you will encounter the things that resonate within you. The other day I listened to Abraham in the car, when the guy who sat in the hot seat asked, if men could deliver babies. If the universe had the wherewithal to manifest every desire it creates, something like this should be possible too. Just at that moment I drove past an advertisment with a pregnant "woman" - only you couldn't see if it really was a women. The picture only showed her belly.

And yesterday the door on the driver's side of my car got scratched. It's a bit annoying. My car is not a virgin anymore and the cosmetic surgery to pretend it was would cost more than the appearance would justify. Anyhow, this morning I listened to Abraham, when Esther told a story about her and Jerry getting back to their car only to find that someone had scratched it.

I wonder what would happen if I ran around with a sticker stating "I LOVE MONEY".

How to communicate?

I was listening to Abraham again - yes I do this very often ;-))) - and they talked about us being non-physical source for the most part and only physical in the material world for a small percentage. - Yes, they do tell this very often as well ;-)))). So I wondered what this would mean in terms of communication. If I am mostly source and someone else is mostly source, couldn't we just was well communicate on this level? Or are we possibly communicating on this level perfectly all the time, while our physical self sometimes misses out on the harmony because it's too far out of the vortex?

So if we try to have a conversation entertaining words and we face disagreement, the most logical thing to do would be getting into the vortex, rather than trying to solve it using our limited language. Like Einstein said:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
We can even put it to a higher level. If we trained ourselves into communicating more from within the vortex, it wouldn't matter that much, if we could not talk to each other in the physical. And then we wouldn't worry about people making their transition into the non-physical, because this would be like the switch from using skype rather than the telephone.

Would we stop seeing each other or talking to each other? Of course not. It's way too much fun.

PS: If you want to see a real good movie that shows how many of our relationship quarrels are self-induced without any prompting of the significant other, check out "Lars and the Real Girl". It's a must-see. No question my favorite scene is the one with the teddy bear.


Focus on the good stuff

This Friday I had a pleasant experience. Since the knittee is here to visit, he wanted to practice a bit of table tennis. Usually I accompany him to give him a ride, watch some games, knit, and so forth. This time I wanted to use the precious minutes to send my mother Reiki to support her on her journey into perfect health and well-being.

Instead of doing the obvious, which would have been to go outside and sit in the nice patio, I sat in the gym amidst the pinging and ponging of the table tennis balls, the shouting of the players, and the humidity of their sweat. I realized this when I had already started, so I didn't want to stop at that moment. I simply focussed on my mom and blurred out everything else. Maybe it was due to the macros we took right before we drove to the gym, but I had this insight, that our mind is not so much different from a macro lense. If we want to focus on something we can blurr out all the rest. And then a environment of unpleasant debris can function as a very becoming backdrop.